Friday, 13 February 2009


It seems I couldn't follow my intentions and write more prolifically. however, I have had a new webcam so I thought I'd mention it.

I haven't been feeling particularly sissy recently. Maybe just lazy on my part. Maybe just not enough encouragement.

I am still looking for a Master albeit unsuccessfully. I might have to advertise in more relevant places, and also not be so choosey.

Who know's what the weekend may bring? I am hoping for lots of sleep and perhaps a chance to get fully made up for the cam. Maybe tonight - or tomorrow night. I would like to be caged for the weekend, just to keep me on my toes.

My trigger phrase - that phrase which, upon hearing it, I am compelled to lock up my penis - is "COCKETTE LOCKUP"

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Chastity Rules No 1 and 1a

I must try to get back into the swing of writing to you, dearest reader. Maybe even the banaalities of my life, if properly decorated, will provide something worth digesting. I think the winter has a definite effect upon me. Not a good one either.

It seems a chore more often than not to keep myself sissified. The shaving. Trying to lose weight. The recognition that i am not a very feminine person. I don't embrace those aspects of feminization that perhaps other sissies would. I hate shopping. I don't read women's magazines. I have no desire to become my wife's maid. And yet, the fantasy of it - of becoming her maid or her cuckold - seems so exciting.

Panties are an everyday item of wear. The cut or material has become largely irrelevant to me. I just wear them. The small things that could progress me seem of little interest to Julie. No pierced ears or tattoos. No punishments for nail biting. No chastity.

Chastity. It would be so easy to put the cage on now. Easier still to pretend to you, reader, that it has been on for a considerable time. I could go on webcam and pretend that i was much more submissive than i actually am. But, alas, the key is on her dressing table. Not around her neck. I could put the cb3000 on and then take the key to her. But i ask myself why? I have forgotten how it feels to be in it for 3 days. Some people say that 3 days is the point at which the belt comes into it's own. Up to 3 days can be done by anyone, but after that period it begins to cause a change in the thought processes. The initial bravado of the wearer begins to wane and he becomes more suggestible. The concept of release and the subsequent shame that can be felt from wanting that release becomes prevalent in the wearer's responses to his keyholder.

So, reader, if you are thinking of putting someone in chastity. Or are considering wearing a chastity device for someone else I would off my two most important rules for the slave and the keyholder.

Rule No 1 - The slave must agree to wear the device for at least 3 days and nights with no chance of possible release except for supervised cleaning.

Rule No 1a - The keyholder will take care to acknowledge the slave's predicament and will sexually arouse the locked slave at least twice a day.

I think if these two Rules were adhered to there would be increased electricity in a relationship.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Monday, 26 January 2009

I'm Back

Hi reader. It's been a while, I know.

Christmas has been and gone and you may have been wondering where on earth I had gotten to.

Well, firstly the hard drive on the PC went which meant I was without net access for nearly a month, plus, more crucially, I tried to stop being a sissy. I grew my body hair back for three weeks and even started wearing boxer shorts to work.

For a while I was comfortable with this yet, as this post confirms, something clicked in my head recently resulting in my re-sissification.

As a condition of my reversion I have made it clear to Mistress Julie that i will be actively seeking other participants in my training. In particular, I have told her that I would like to serve a male dom , real time. She asks me to keep her informed on how my search is going.

As a consequence of my holiday from panties I have also rediscovered a somewhat dominant side in my own makeup which I intend to also pursue.

I have been spending a little time making sissy captions and fake images using corel paint. I've included two of them here. It's something i find amusing and absorbing and i hope to get better at it with time, especially the subliminal persuasions that can be hidden within the captions.

Finally an apology for not being around. It's nice to be back, reader. And if by chance you are a dominant male living within the West Midlands area, drop me a line. You never know.