Friday, 28 November 2008

Is Mistress Gay?

I was chatting last night like usual, on yahoo, with a lovely funny, sexy, beautiful, intelligent woman with whom i have chatted before. I said something to the effect that i would love it if she were to share a bed with Mistress. It was said in a jokey, flippant way and she batted it off with her usual charm.
Anyway i emailed Mistress today to ask if i'd mentioned to Her last night about inviting Miss FunnySexy here to share Her bed. Mistress said yes and reminded me that i would be sleeping on the floor. I sent Mistress a picture of Miss FunnySexy.
When i got home Mistress was eager to pull me somewhere quiet so the kids couldn't hear. She asked if that was really Miss FunnySexy's picture. I said yes i believed it was. Then She told me that i would be sleeping in another room and not in their presence if Miss FunnySexy ever did turn up. She was really taken by her. I never saw Her get excited like that over a female before. And the way She wanted to ask about Miss FunnySexy as soon as She saw me.

I know i haven't written for a while, reader. I was sick. Stood danni up. Took some time off work. Had a birthday. I'm 44 now. I still feel 43 though.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I spent today at home with Mistress. Unfortunately No2 son was also at home so Rose had to stay in her room. I was allowed to take the cage off, after sleeping in it all night, to bathe and shave.

I put the cage back on afterwards.

I recall Mistress agreeing last night to allow someone on yahoo chat to "own" me on Saturday night, as their personal cam slave.

Mistress is at work now and kindly let me out of the cage before She left. She has had a couple of enquiries relating to the new ads but nothing has been confirmed. I can't remember the last time i came.

I am wearing tights more often now. Especially when i am caged. Mistress still lets me go to work uncaged.

Mr A txtd me from work to ask if i was ok because i hadn't showed up. I told him i would see him tomorrow. I have to start preparing the dinner soon. Then maybe i should go on yahoo chat and see if i can find "danni" and ask her what she might be expecting. I must admit it makes me hot thinking about it. Especially as danni asked Mistress directly and i was just an object under discussion. How sexy.

Mistress J

Love you to bits Mistress. i am all caged up. Resigned to sleeping in it.

I am sorry i am so sissy now. Ashamed that i like it.

Going to have one more smoke now and then come to bed and snuggle with You.

Horny as hell though

Just to let you know

I am caged. Its past midnight. Mistress is asleep.

She spoke to someone called danni on yahoo. I am dannis webcam slut on Saturday night.

Just to let you know

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Googled !

I put a couple of ads on the net. Uk based sites. One advertised Mistress' services and the other one advertised my services via Mistress.

And Omigod. If you google either my name or Mistress' now you go straight to the ads which give Her phone number. The top search on google - bar none. Cool

I showed Mistress and She was pleased. I also showed Her this site which i stumbled upon today. It's absolutely delicious, and i have only just looked at it briefly.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Mistress was supposed to give me a good hiding over the weekend but She was too busy.

The weekend passed with not a lot happening. I didn't get dressed up for any lengthy period. I did redo my toenails as they were beginning to look a little careworn.

Last night She promised we would make love, but it turned out to be a simple milking session. I came quickly.

I have this fantasy about gloryholes. Me and Mistress taking turns on a huge BBC. (BBC = Big Black Cock). I just thought i should mention it. I would love to see Mistress being taken care of at an orgy. I would serve drinks.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


This is me at midnight waiting to be let out. Hopefully

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Surfing Gear

Mistress phoned me to tell me to finish work early so that i could take Her to work. I duly obliged and when I stopped the car to let Her out She told me to txt Her when the cage was on. I said OK even though i had been hoping for some reprieve tonight especially after last night's frustrations. Oh my if She wanted that again tonight I would just die. So I have bathed and shaved and i have texted Her to telll Her i am caged. I went on yahoo webcam for a while but then i decided to just do a little surfing. I took this pic of me in my surfing gear.

Clitoral Stimulation

Mistress did buy me some nice panties yesterday. She said She saw the one pair - pink thong with tiny pleated ra-ra skirt sewn on - and She thought "cam panties". She also got me some tights, a pair of which i am wearing today at work along with one of the other pairs of panties She bought.

I was caged from yesterday afternoon and was hoping to be released last night because we haven't had sex for nearly a month. Instead Mistress told me to put on some porn videos so that She could play with my lock. She said that since Her sissy hadn't turned up that morning i had to fill in for him by being a very obedient submissive little sissy. She made it clear that i would be sleeping in the cage.

I kept stockings and the new pink panties on whilst we lay side by side watching "Blacks on Blondes". She told me to play with Her boobs gently which i did. Sometimes my hand strayed down to my locked up cockette to encourage Her to tug at it more firmly. After 30 minutes or so i was allowed to move my hand between Her legs and touch and stroke Her down there. I brought Her slowly to an excited level where She was grinding Her hips against my hand and tugging harder at my lock.

The need to fuck. To put myself inside Her was unbearable. I lay atop Her, missionary style and She held my cage against Her pussy lips whilst i ground against Her. My cockette sliding in its own juices within it's plastic confines. She used the cage to masturbate Herself whilst i kissed Her.

She came after what seemed like an eternity of the most delicious torture. She told me i was a good sissy and i could continue tugging at my lock if i wished. I smiled in resignation and we fell asleep cuddling.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sissy from Stoke

The sissy from Stoke (who was supposed to be visiting Mistress today) phoned Her earlier to apologize for not being able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. He asked if She was available next week though, so perhaps he is quite serious about seeing Her.

Mistress asked him a few questions. His name is Michael and he is unattached. Mistress told him that being unattached opened up a lot of possibilities for them both. She asked if shaving his legs would be a problem and he said it would not.

She didn't mention permanent chastity between visits although that would be ideal. And neither did She mention that she owns Her own sissy.

She told me that She has gone to do some Xmas shopping since he didn't show up and that She was getting me some tights and new panties and She wanted me to dance for Her in them tonight.

Smooth Legs

Just a snapshot of my sissy legs.

Forgive my indulgence reader.

Uncaged !

Today should see Mistress' client arriving although he has not contacted Her to confirm. I think perhaps he won't turn up. I said to Mistress last night that most of Her potential clients will be "spur of the moment" people who cannot resisit the sudden urge to dress girlified.

The upside is that i am not caged today as i perhaps would have been if the arrangement had been more solid.

Mistress was tired last night so i was left to my own devices after She had gone to bed. I asked Her if She would mind if i masturbated and She said it was OK. So after an hour or so on the webcam I turned my attention to my dicklet and played with it whilst thinking of how sissy i was. I was reading stories about cuckoldry, chastity and sissification, sometimes surprising even myself at my predicament.

Looking down to see my thing, hard and pantified. Leaking as i nursed it. Squeezing my legs together and trying to hold onto the sensations for as long as possible. Of course, it didn't last. I came eventually. Feeling some shame, some relief.

Now, this morning at work, i sit hoping my Wife will get Her wish. Hoping she gets to spend time with someone else. Seeing another sissy cockette. Maybe even allowing it to cum. Spanking him. Stroking him. Touching him. Showing him, and me, that Mistress is Boss.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Caged !

Well. Last night did not turn out as planned or hoped for. Mistress said She would release me before bedtime and let me "fuck Her titties". Unfortunately i fell asleep in front of the fire, curled up with the rottweiler until nearly midnight.

When Mistress woke me up this morning with a "darling rose" She pulled back the duvet and was pleased to see me still wearing my stockings in bed. I asked to be released and She was kind enough to let me out. So now i am at work - early again. not caged but wearing the tightest of panties that flatten my little dicklet between my legs.

Mistress said i looked nice before i left for work, but i am never sure. I feel old. I hope today flies by quickly because i am already missing my spot in front of the fire with the dog.

I wonder if the sissy from Stoke will contact Her today. I do hope so. Last night Mistress was waxing lyrical about how She intends to take Her role as a Pro Domme more seriously over the coming months. Obviously only time will tell. I must submit to Her in any way She wishes in order to validate Her superiority and give Her the confidence She will need. Not that She didn't do well the last time a sissy came round. The only problem was that She talked so much to him, calling a naughty sissy slut etc, that She was hoarse by the time She had finished with him.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Best

I asked Mistress if i could wear makeup tonight and She said i could. She asked me earlier if i would like to fuck Her titties tonight. Of course i agreed. So She said i would be let out later tonight to do that. Yummy.

Also, i walked into the kitchen whilst Mistress was in there and She was wearing a rubber glove and i asked if that was for me. She said She would bring some latex gloves home from work, blue ones, and finger me.

That's so cool. Only a sissy would think that though.

The Weekend

I went on yahoo webcam on Friday night. All dolled up and very very drunk. It was fun. Mistress paid the occassional visit to kiss and tease. I was in chastity. And i was being a bit of a tease. Sucking on a fat pink didlo and dipping it in my glass and licking off the chardonnay. I guess it was Mistress telling about Her potential client that got me all subby and sissy again. Made me want to wear my cage. Be Hers.

It's Sunday now and the sissy has not got back in touch with Her to arrange anything concrete so i will try not to get my hopes up too high. Mistress said on Friday that She would not do anything icky with him like putting his dicklet in Her mouth, although that does lead me to think of endless possibilities of what She actually will be doing.

On Friday whilst i was on cam She noted that i was looking at the cam of a sissy who was naked except for a pair of pink panties. He was unshaved and his dicklet was poking out of the top of his panties. He was, of course, playing with it.

Yesterday we were driving in the car and Mistress asked if i had continued watching 'pink panties' cam the previous night. I told Her i watched him all evening. She said She didn't like the fact that he wasn't smooth but his dicklet was nice and big. I agreed with Her.

Yesterday i only dressed girly for about an hour. I wore the cage but managed to make myself cum in it, so i had to go and beg for release because i had made such a mess. I didn't tell Mistress that though. I just said it was pinching. She agreed to let me out on condition i took a caning. Reluctantly i took the punishment which wasn't very harsh but still had Mistress giggling about how much i was prancing about. I guess i am not used to being caned.

Note to Mistress - cane Your sissy more often.

Now this Sunday morning i am waiting for the family to make themselves scarce so i can spend an hour in the bath making myself smooth. Cleaning my cage. Putting it on. Slipping into something nice. Mistress would like Her sissy to be a sissy, and not fight it. My only worry is that i can get through bathtime without stroking my little cockette too much.

I wish i had felt like putting some makeup on last night. But after staying up until 3 am on Friday night both Mistress and i were very tired and by midnight last night we just flopped into bed. She never even fondled me under the hem of my nighty.

Sometimes it's too easy to be let out. This is because Mistress does not share Her secret with anyone. She wears the key but is rarely questioned about it and if She is She just says it's to a jewellry box or some other little white lie. Sometimes i wish She were more strict with me. More demanding. I know that sounds so ungrateful. So self absorbed of me. I know i am lucky the She accepts me. She deals with the fact that She married a sissy. Maybe i just think i deserve less than She gives. And then maybe i should take my own advice - Mistress would like Her sissy to be a sissy and not fight it.

I am just a sissy and Mistress knows best.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Client / Tights

Just as we had got around to thinking about hiring me out the most unexpected thing occurred. Mistress has not advertised Her services for quite sometime. The number of enquiries had dropped to almost zero over the past two months. Then yesterday out of the blue She received a call and has agreed to entertain a sissy on next Tuesday.

Obviously She told him to phone back over the weekend and they could chat about what the sissy likes to do. All She knows at the moment is that he likes to be humiliated and that he has his own clothes and that he is not expecting sex.

Unfortunately we lost our internet connection yesterday at home so i have had to wait until this morning to write down how i was feeling about it.

I told Her i would be very horny on Tuesday, sat at work knowing She was being some other sissy's Mistress. I remember just how good it felt the last time She did it. Except i was in the next room. In chastity.

This Tuesday i will be in chastity at work whilst my gorgeous Dominat Wife will make a little money doing what She does best. Sissification.

Love You so much Darling Mistress J. xxx

ps. i forgot to mention that last night when we were watching telly with daughter i was complaining about my feet being cold and Mistress asked daughter if She should make me wear tights to keep warm. Daughter said yes. But i would look silly.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Mistress J. Dear Wife. Boss.

Isn't this picture sexy?

Thank you so much for letting me out. I will be a good slut. I want to learn.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sissy for Rent

Mistress says it would be OK for me to be rented out as a sissy. She probably would want too much anyway, even though i told Her i would work for cheap.

I told Her i just wanted some fun. I asked if She would mind if i wore makeup again tonight. I was on webcam in makeup and wig last night. I finished the session by displaying my cockette. I didn't play with it, i just let it be seen as a smiled benignly at the cam. It felt nice, being naked.

We watched some interracial porn again last night and Mistress has also told me She wants to watch some more tonight. It's lovely being so accommodated.
Today i asked Her about hormones and She said She would have to save up because they are quite expensive. I guess i could do sissy work for hormones. I wonder if Mistress would enjoy the symmetry in that. And i would only need to earn enough to keep me in injections.
Read this Mistress. i beg You. Let me be your sissy whore. I would really try to change and be a better girl for you. With each client i would demasculate that little bit more. Each humiliation would help me.
There i go again. Wanting. Always wanting. Sissy fool.