Monday, 10 November 2008

Caged !

Well. Last night did not turn out as planned or hoped for. Mistress said She would release me before bedtime and let me "fuck Her titties". Unfortunately i fell asleep in front of the fire, curled up with the rottweiler until nearly midnight.

When Mistress woke me up this morning with a "darling rose" She pulled back the duvet and was pleased to see me still wearing my stockings in bed. I asked to be released and She was kind enough to let me out. So now i am at work - early again. not caged but wearing the tightest of panties that flatten my little dicklet between my legs.

Mistress said i looked nice before i left for work, but i am never sure. I feel old. I hope today flies by quickly because i am already missing my spot in front of the fire with the dog.

I wonder if the sissy from Stoke will contact Her today. I do hope so. Last night Mistress was waxing lyrical about how She intends to take Her role as a Pro Domme more seriously over the coming months. Obviously only time will tell. I must submit to Her in any way She wishes in order to validate Her superiority and give Her the confidence She will need. Not that She didn't do well the last time a sissy came round. The only problem was that She talked so much to him, calling a naughty sissy slut etc, that She was hoarse by the time She had finished with him.

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