Friday, 28 November 2008

Is Mistress Gay?

I was chatting last night like usual, on yahoo, with a lovely funny, sexy, beautiful, intelligent woman with whom i have chatted before. I said something to the effect that i would love it if she were to share a bed with Mistress. It was said in a jokey, flippant way and she batted it off with her usual charm.
Anyway i emailed Mistress today to ask if i'd mentioned to Her last night about inviting Miss FunnySexy here to share Her bed. Mistress said yes and reminded me that i would be sleeping on the floor. I sent Mistress a picture of Miss FunnySexy.
When i got home Mistress was eager to pull me somewhere quiet so the kids couldn't hear. She asked if that was really Miss FunnySexy's picture. I said yes i believed it was. Then She told me that i would be sleeping in another room and not in their presence if Miss FunnySexy ever did turn up. She was really taken by her. I never saw Her get excited like that over a female before. And the way She wanted to ask about Miss FunnySexy as soon as She saw me.

I know i haven't written for a while, reader. I was sick. Stood danni up. Took some time off work. Had a birthday. I'm 44 now. I still feel 43 though.

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