Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Uncaged !

Today should see Mistress' client arriving although he has not contacted Her to confirm. I think perhaps he won't turn up. I said to Mistress last night that most of Her potential clients will be "spur of the moment" people who cannot resisit the sudden urge to dress girlified.

The upside is that i am not caged today as i perhaps would have been if the arrangement had been more solid.

Mistress was tired last night so i was left to my own devices after She had gone to bed. I asked Her if She would mind if i masturbated and She said it was OK. So after an hour or so on the webcam I turned my attention to my dicklet and played with it whilst thinking of how sissy i was. I was reading stories about cuckoldry, chastity and sissification, sometimes surprising even myself at my predicament.

Looking down to see my thing, hard and pantified. Leaking as i nursed it. Squeezing my legs together and trying to hold onto the sensations for as long as possible. Of course, it didn't last. I came eventually. Feeling some shame, some relief.

Now, this morning at work, i sit hoping my Wife will get Her wish. Hoping she gets to spend time with someone else. Seeing another sissy cockette. Maybe even allowing it to cum. Spanking him. Stroking him. Touching him. Showing him, and me, that Mistress is Boss.

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