Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Weekend

I went on yahoo webcam on Friday night. All dolled up and very very drunk. It was fun. Mistress paid the occassional visit to kiss and tease. I was in chastity. And i was being a bit of a tease. Sucking on a fat pink didlo and dipping it in my glass and licking off the chardonnay. I guess it was Mistress telling about Her potential client that got me all subby and sissy again. Made me want to wear my cage. Be Hers.

It's Sunday now and the sissy has not got back in touch with Her to arrange anything concrete so i will try not to get my hopes up too high. Mistress said on Friday that She would not do anything icky with him like putting his dicklet in Her mouth, although that does lead me to think of endless possibilities of what She actually will be doing.

On Friday whilst i was on cam She noted that i was looking at the cam of a sissy who was naked except for a pair of pink panties. He was unshaved and his dicklet was poking out of the top of his panties. He was, of course, playing with it.

Yesterday we were driving in the car and Mistress asked if i had continued watching 'pink panties' cam the previous night. I told Her i watched him all evening. She said She didn't like the fact that he wasn't smooth but his dicklet was nice and big. I agreed with Her.

Yesterday i only dressed girly for about an hour. I wore the cage but managed to make myself cum in it, so i had to go and beg for release because i had made such a mess. I didn't tell Mistress that though. I just said it was pinching. She agreed to let me out on condition i took a caning. Reluctantly i took the punishment which wasn't very harsh but still had Mistress giggling about how much i was prancing about. I guess i am not used to being caned.

Note to Mistress - cane Your sissy more often.

Now this Sunday morning i am waiting for the family to make themselves scarce so i can spend an hour in the bath making myself smooth. Cleaning my cage. Putting it on. Slipping into something nice. Mistress would like Her sissy to be a sissy, and not fight it. My only worry is that i can get through bathtime without stroking my little cockette too much.

I wish i had felt like putting some makeup on last night. But after staying up until 3 am on Friday night both Mistress and i were very tired and by midnight last night we just flopped into bed. She never even fondled me under the hem of my nighty.

Sometimes it's too easy to be let out. This is because Mistress does not share Her secret with anyone. She wears the key but is rarely questioned about it and if She is She just says it's to a jewellry box or some other little white lie. Sometimes i wish She were more strict with me. More demanding. I know that sounds so ungrateful. So self absorbed of me. I know i am lucky the She accepts me. She deals with the fact that She married a sissy. Maybe i just think i deserve less than She gives. And then maybe i should take my own advice - Mistress would like Her sissy to be a sissy and not fight it.

I am just a sissy and Mistress knows best.

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