Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Clitoral Stimulation

Mistress did buy me some nice panties yesterday. She said She saw the one pair - pink thong with tiny pleated ra-ra skirt sewn on - and She thought "cam panties". She also got me some tights, a pair of which i am wearing today at work along with one of the other pairs of panties She bought.

I was caged from yesterday afternoon and was hoping to be released last night because we haven't had sex for nearly a month. Instead Mistress told me to put on some porn videos so that She could play with my lock. She said that since Her sissy hadn't turned up that morning i had to fill in for him by being a very obedient submissive little sissy. She made it clear that i would be sleeping in the cage.

I kept stockings and the new pink panties on whilst we lay side by side watching "Blacks on Blondes". She told me to play with Her boobs gently which i did. Sometimes my hand strayed down to my locked up cockette to encourage Her to tug at it more firmly. After 30 minutes or so i was allowed to move my hand between Her legs and touch and stroke Her down there. I brought Her slowly to an excited level where She was grinding Her hips against my hand and tugging harder at my lock.

The need to fuck. To put myself inside Her was unbearable. I lay atop Her, missionary style and She held my cage against Her pussy lips whilst i ground against Her. My cockette sliding in its own juices within it's plastic confines. She used the cage to masturbate Herself whilst i kissed Her.

She came after what seemed like an eternity of the most delicious torture. She told me i was a good sissy and i could continue tugging at my lock if i wished. I smiled in resignation and we fell asleep cuddling.

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