Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I spent today at home with Mistress. Unfortunately No2 son was also at home so Rose had to stay in her room. I was allowed to take the cage off, after sleeping in it all night, to bathe and shave.

I put the cage back on afterwards.

I recall Mistress agreeing last night to allow someone on yahoo chat to "own" me on Saturday night, as their personal cam slave.

Mistress is at work now and kindly let me out of the cage before She left. She has had a couple of enquiries relating to the new ads but nothing has been confirmed. I can't remember the last time i came.

I am wearing tights more often now. Especially when i am caged. Mistress still lets me go to work uncaged.

Mr A txtd me from work to ask if i was ok because i hadn't showed up. I told him i would see him tomorrow. I have to start preparing the dinner soon. Then maybe i should go on yahoo chat and see if i can find "danni" and ask her what she might be expecting. I must admit it makes me hot thinking about it. Especially as danni asked Mistress directly and i was just an object under discussion. How sexy.


mistress j said...

i liked the panties on the picture i have to find some like that love mistress j

Rose said...

Some plain panties. some frilly lace. Some cotton. I will make them myself Ma'am.

mistress j said...

i have to have a look on the markest in the week and get u some cotton and stuff