Monday, 17 November 2008

Mistress was supposed to give me a good hiding over the weekend but She was too busy.

The weekend passed with not a lot happening. I didn't get dressed up for any lengthy period. I did redo my toenails as they were beginning to look a little careworn.

Last night She promised we would make love, but it turned out to be a simple milking session. I came quickly.

I have this fantasy about gloryholes. Me and Mistress taking turns on a huge BBC. (BBC = Big Black Cock). I just thought i should mention it. I would love to see Mistress being taken care of at an orgy. I would serve drinks.


Mistress J said...

just read ur blog liked the picture i think you like that glory hole

Rose said...

Yes Ma'am. Should i look around for one near to where we live? I should be able to find a local one. Perhaps in a sex shop or adult cinema.