Friday, 7 November 2008

Client / Tights

Just as we had got around to thinking about hiring me out the most unexpected thing occurred. Mistress has not advertised Her services for quite sometime. The number of enquiries had dropped to almost zero over the past two months. Then yesterday out of the blue She received a call and has agreed to entertain a sissy on next Tuesday.

Obviously She told him to phone back over the weekend and they could chat about what the sissy likes to do. All She knows at the moment is that he likes to be humiliated and that he has his own clothes and that he is not expecting sex.

Unfortunately we lost our internet connection yesterday at home so i have had to wait until this morning to write down how i was feeling about it.

I told Her i would be very horny on Tuesday, sat at work knowing She was being some other sissy's Mistress. I remember just how good it felt the last time She did it. Except i was in the next room. In chastity.

This Tuesday i will be in chastity at work whilst my gorgeous Dominat Wife will make a little money doing what She does best. Sissification.

Love You so much Darling Mistress J. xxx

ps. i forgot to mention that last night when we were watching telly with daughter i was complaining about my feet being cold and Mistress asked daughter if She should make me wear tights to keep warm. Daughter said yes. But i would look silly.

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