Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sissy for Rent

Mistress says it would be OK for me to be rented out as a sissy. She probably would want too much anyway, even though i told Her i would work for cheap.

I told Her i just wanted some fun. I asked if She would mind if i wore makeup again tonight. I was on webcam in makeup and wig last night. I finished the session by displaying my cockette. I didn't play with it, i just let it be seen as a smiled benignly at the cam. It felt nice, being naked.

We watched some interracial porn again last night and Mistress has also told me She wants to watch some more tonight. It's lovely being so accommodated.
Today i asked Her about hormones and She said She would have to save up because they are quite expensive. I guess i could do sissy work for hormones. I wonder if Mistress would enjoy the symmetry in that. And i would only need to earn enough to keep me in injections.
Read this Mistress. i beg You. Let me be your sissy whore. I would really try to change and be a better girl for you. With each client i would demasculate that little bit more. Each humiliation would help me.
There i go again. Wanting. Always wanting. Sissy fool.

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