Friday, 31 October 2008

Trick or Treat

It's nearly time to pick Mistress up from work. All the kids are out. The boys are drinking in the pub and daughter is trick or treating. I am wrapped up well in panties, tights and jeans. I have on a lace vest under a t-shirt and thick jumper. I am wearing think pink fluffy socks and trainers. I have already bathed and shaved all over. I added onions to the steak in the oven as Mistress said.

Earlier today Mistress emailed me. She started it "darling rose" and told me how much She enjoyed last night's lovemaking and how She was looking forward to it again tonight. I know She starts Her period tomorrow so i must make the most of what She is offering. Even though i am not sure how will feel later this evening. I am sure that even if i feel jaded i can lick Her but i wonder if that's enough. I don't like planning things. I like them to just happen.

Mistress always calls me Rose when She wakes me up in the mornings. She always wakes first. Did i really say i fingered my ass? Gosh how depraved.

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