Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I was in a mood when i got home from work yesterday. Not any particular reason, just felt down. Mistress had asked me to do some ironing and also prepare some roast veggies to accompany the casserole She had prepared. I ironed some shirts because i know that Mistress hates doing shirts. It took me about 1 1/2 hours and then i stopped for a tea break and went to prepare the veggies. I had peeled the potatoes and then went to get a baking tray. I was dismayed to see both spare baking trays on the side waiting to be washed up.

That set me off. I was so angry about something so petty. I put the potatoes into water and left the carrots and onion on the side, untouched. Daughter had watched my descent into a foul mood and decided to make herself scarce.

For an hour i just sat fuming about the baking tray. How ridiculous. I even contemplated reversing the feminization. I know i have been here before, wondering why bother etc. I considered that it would take perhaps 2 months to grow back all my body hair. Strangely though i decided that i would continue to wear panties until my hair had grown back. Why would i think like that?

When i picked Mistress up from work we drove back in silence. I never mentioned the dinner being unprepared. She walked into the kitchen when we got home and She started preparing the food. I made a point of sitting in the lounge watching the telly and generally being moody.

As always, Mistress was level headed and let me have my moment - however childish it was. Gradually during the evening the mood lightened to the point where we were discussing Her sucking my dicklet at bedtime.

Late evening She fell asleep in front of the fire and i went into the bedroom to put some porn on and get ready for bed. She came in after 10 minutes and we watched some hermaphrodite porn.
However, Mistress fell alseep sucking on my nipple with my dicklet in Her hand.

Once again i exploded. I stormed out of the bedroom and went to watch the telly, leaving Her in bed. After a few minutes She came in and knelt in front of me and suggested i go back to bed with Her. I said no. What a dummy.

She went back to bed and i stayed up and smoked a couple of ciggies before retiring. She was still awake and asked if She could cuddle me. I grunted yes.

She sucked me for a while and then helped me to cum on my belly. how can one sissy be so lucky to have such a gorgeous, patient, loving, sexy Mistress.

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