Friday, 3 October 2008

No Sex Please (we're sissies)

What have i done? Last night Mistress and i were watching porn in bed. I was in panties and stockings and Mistress was in Her pjs. We were touching each other. Masturbating each other. I asked if i could go down on Her and She said She was happy just lying there playing. She said i might be able to fuck Her later. What i said next came as a surprise to myself. I suggested to Mistress, whilst i stroked her clit very gently, that perhaps i should stop fucking Her from now on - as part of the feminization process. She said it might be worth trying, and that from now on i was just to use my fingers on Her and occassionally my mouth. We continued watching the movies and playing and Her touch was, as ever, so light on my priapic clit that i found myself even then wanting to go back on our agreement. I suggested we have one last fuck. So that She could tell me that it was our last. Make it exciting for me. Me me me.

She told me had already had our last one. She came on my fingers and then snuggled up to me and sucked my nipple while i played with myself. She eventually went to sleep and i came on my belly after about half an hour.

This morning i am back from the docs because i need my blood pressure checked because it was elevated a couple of weeks ago. I haven't been taking any birth control pills since and my BP is back to normal. Still getting the hemifacial migraines but only one per week. I have switched from red to white wine.

So now i am at home waiting to go back to work. Not going until this afternoon though. Mistress suggested i dress up for the webcam but i am just in shirt and tie. I don't need to say i am in panties. I hope that's obvious.

So i am never to fuck again. Mistress even spoke last night of getting me back in chastity. After a long time out of it i always fight going back in. she knows i will put it on at some point. She still wears the key. I always taunt Her about how She can't make me wear it. But She knows i will at some point. And because i have taunted Her i am more reticent towards putting it on. Because She might keep it on for ages. Or for ever. And i have enjoyed touching myself lately. I know its wrong and i am such a wanker. Sometimes though it's nice to succumb to the realisation that being a sissy is sometimes so very sexy.

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