Friday, 24 October 2008

I miss my PC

God this is going to be a long couple of weeks, without access to my webcam or a chatroom. I am still shaving and dressing in my house femme clothes but i miss the opportunity to sit alone at the PC wearing some nice lingerie and showing lots of smooth flesh.
Plus i have to learn how to get stuff off my old hardrive now that it's power supply has gone and there's so much sissy stuff on it i cannot ask anyone else to look at it for me.

Last night Mistress teased me. After She had showered she donned the most delightful pair of pink see through panties with a ruffle waistband. Her trimmed bush looked gorgeous under them. I was allowed to stroke Her panties and my cockette at the same time.

When we got to bed She giggled and said we should watch some porn - knowing full well it was all on my broken PC. So we fondled each other . Although i had to ask permission to stroke Her panties. She directed me to run my finger between Her lips very gently, almost lightly scratching the thin material covering them. When my hand began to stray towards and under the waistband She slapped it and told me to continue stroking over Her panties. All the time her light touch teased my engorged cockette. Finally i was allowed inside Her panties. But only to stroke the outer lips. I was told to gently pinch Her nipples whilst doing so.

I came. Wishing i could enter Her. Wishing any part of me. My finger, tongue, cockette, anything. And then i came. Thrusting my hips against Her almost nonchalant grasp.

Now this morning all i can think of is Her pussy. Wanting to taste it. Wanting to wet my whole face on it. I am a horny sissy in pink panties and i smell like a girl and i deserve not to be inside Her. She deserves a sissy to control and tease. Mistress knows best.

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