Friday, 31 October 2008


Hooray its Friday. The mornings are distinctly cold now and we have already had snow over the past couple of days so i am expecting a crisp weekend of having to wrap up warm.

Last night we made love. There was a lot of foreplay - as usual, whilst we watched some interracial porn, but then when i made it clear i wanted to enter Her, Mistress smiled and let me inside.

I am determined to put some makeup on this evening. I wish Mistress would read this before tonight, so She could be in no doubt as to how girlyfied i want to be. Desparately need to be sissified. I have my owl panties on this morning. They are nice and snug with legs cut high across each buttock. If i squeeze my thighs together my cockette grows a little and the panties get tight and it feels sexy. I should have worn some tights too.

I fingered my ass last night. not something i do a lot of. But i was watching a girl do it in a movie and i thought yummy so i did it. I think i might do it again soon.

Mistress won't want me in the cage this weekend. Will she?

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