Thursday, 23 October 2008

1st Thursday without PC

Mistress and i both had the day off work yesterday. I would like to be able to say i was on cam all day chatting and showing off my body but my computer has broken. Properly broken. The power supply has broken. It's going to be a couple of weeks until i get a new PC.

At least i was lucky enough to spend the whole day dressed nice and around lunchtime we made love. We still had to go in the bedroom because the dog would have thought it was playtime if we tried in in front of the fire. Mistress was pleased at how big and hard i was and i would have liked to have gone on for a lot longer but after about 15 minutes of me being inside Her whilst gently tapping her clitoris, Her panting and general demeanour indicating just how much She was enjoying it put me over the edge and i came inside Her.

Mistress told me She didn't like girls. She liked me. We had been discussing it the previous evening and i was teasing Her about finding a ladyfriend for Herself. I said i would be more than glad to go back in chastity if She could find a ladyfriend to lock me up. It was all very lighthearted.

Yesterday, when we were at home together for the day, She mentioned getting Jean to lock my cockette up. That would be interesting.

Gosh i hate not being able to get online at home. I can only write to my blog because i am in work early and can jot a few thoughts down before I start work. It's not ideal because some of the stuff that crosses my mind i would like to write down immediately but, instead, i have to wait until i get on this computer at the office and often the thought has gone by the time i come to write it. and i end up waffling like now.

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