Monday, 6 October 2008

Jean Called

Jean phoned yesterday although I never knew until today when i checked my phone. She left a message asking me to get in touch. She also said that she had phoned Mistress and left a message with Her but Mistress said She was left no messages.

What would she want? It's been ages since she came round for a chat. Perhaps she's thinking of the BBB. Mistress and i haven't spoken about it for a few weeks. Not sure if She is still even interested in it. She seems preoccupied with something which She will not talk about. I guess i will find out eventually. I know that Mistress does read this blog, but not as frequently as She used to, and i am sure there are bits that She has not, and will not ever read because She will come to the blog and read the first page and any entries that are not on the first page will escape Her attention.

Oh well at least She tolerates me. If nothing else.

Now i am at work waiting for everyone else to arrive. Mr A isn't in today. And neither is Neil the Idiot. So i am looking forward to a peaceful day on my own. I forgot my swipecard so i will have to reduce the number of ciggy breaks or i will have to borrow someone's card every hour or so. That won't make me popular. I would rather be at home, but who wouldn't?

Mistress has to start work early today so She will be rushed off Her feet this morning. Sometimes She seems to invent work for herself just to keep Herself busy. She will walk to the shops. She will walk the dog. She will tidy the house and do some washing and She will clean the kitchen. I was thinking of phoning Her for a chat but She probably won't appreciate the interruption. She didn't seem too enamoured with the prospect of work today either. I asked if She was ok and She said yes in the tone that means no. I cannot guess what's on Her mind so i will have to wait until it comes into the open. It's likely to be something i did or said or didn't do or didn't say which i should have done and, as usual, i will be left to stew in my own shortcomings whilst She lets me know by Her dismissiveness that something is wrong.

Mistress will probably get around to reading this sometimes next week when it has all blown over and i will have probably forgotten what i was wondering about. But that is ok. I am not writing this so that Mistress can act upon it. This is just a record.

Anyway i need to see if i can borrow a swipe card, or jam the door open or something because i need a ciggy and i need some toast.

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