Sunday, 5 October 2008


I had my chance. Another weekend went by and not a touch of makeup on my face. Now i will spend all week regretting it.

Been a nice weekend though. Although i didn't get en femme as much as i might have. I spent most of saturday evening in living room with Mistress instead of on cam. Mistress keeps telling me i will be doing an hour or two of ironing each evening next week when i finsh work.

Yesterday, while we were watching telly with daughter Mistress started singing "i want to break free" and She highlighted the fact that the transvestites were doing the housework. She said perhaps She should get me to dress like that and do some vacuuming. It was all said light heartedly and daughter just rolled her eyes and carried on reading. The sort of dismissiveness she gives us when we snog in front of her.

I've noticed, since i have stopped taking the pill, that my dressing has become less frequent. Although i am always in panties i have taken to wearing jeans and t-shirt and sweater around the house. And also trainers. It could be that it's just too cold to wear see through shirts and denim shorts and to be barefooted. It makes me a little bit sad that i am currently not taking on any female hormones because whether the pill effect was more placebo than anything else, it still felt right.

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