Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Coconut Oil

Last night i set the webcam up (with Mistress' permission) such that it was possible to see Her lying on the bed in all Her naked glory. I had promised Her a full body and foot massage and duly obliged. I was sissified as i attended Her. I noted that there were only 12 people watching our little revelation although i didn't stop to check who they actually were.

After She had been fully massaged i put on some lesbian erotica - an older lady and a younger lady, perhaps 25 years between them. Mistress made little whimpering noises as She watched and played with my cockette and sucked and bit my nipples. My nipples are not as sensitive as they were a few weeks ago but it was very nice and i succumbed to once again being Her bitch as She ritually milked me onto my own sissy belly. I had asked Her to suck it but She just ignored me and so i lay there whilst She toyed with Her sissy husband's effeminate little dicklet. Helpless. Not man enough to take the lead but just accepting my place as Her toy.

We talked about how my blood pressure had come down since stopping the pill and She suggested that i start them again but perhaps just once a week. I respectfully declined, asking Her if i could be put on a course of more dedicated hormones. She said She would think about it.

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