Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Piercings and Jean

Mistress told me She wants to get my ears pierced. She almost had me wear lipstick around the house for the first time this evening, but instead She plumped for a transparent gloss instead. It tastes of strawberries.

She wants me to fuck Her tonight. I jokingly told Her no so She poked Her toes into the leg of my shorts and tickled my dicklet. So i jokingly told Her to get a boyfriend.

Anyway i am fucking Her. She wants sissy to perform his duties She said.

And omigod Jean left Mistress a voicemail. Mistress told me She would get back in touch with Jean. It's nice of Jean to try to contact Her instead of me. Hopefully we will get to that BBB eventually.

Mistress had a spliff tonight. She is very touchy feely now. This sissy will make Her tingle all night.

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