Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I was bathing yesterday afternoon, shaving my legs, and my mind went back to when i first started shaving my legs, a few years ago. I had already been shaving my torso for sometime and i remember the first morning, walking across the car park. That was when the sensation of being smooth really hit me for the first time. My trousers seemed so flimsy against my legs. It felt almost as if people would be able to see through my trousers and notice how smooth my legs were. It made me feel sissified. It reminded me that i was not a complete man.

The same sort of constant reminder ran through my mind previously when i started wearing panties on a daily basis. It was as if people knew. I would send Mistress pictures of me in the lavatory at work with my panties on. There was a secret sexual thrill of being a sissy. That feeling has gone now. It's a normal day to day thing to be smooth, and to wear panties, and to smell nice. And although it doesn't seem like it because of how slow an almost imperceivable the changes have been, I have changed so much. The changes on the inside being as striking as those on the outside. Perhaps even more so.

Yesterday i shaved my forearms smooth. So now i only have my eyebrows and a small square of neatly trimmed pubes to remind me i am a blonde. I noticed this morning when i pulled on my shirt how nice the material felt against my arms. The self-consciousness has returned regarding them. Wondering if people will notice. It's like being a new sissy all over again. And yet, this self consciousness will wane. Eventually that too will feel normal.

How slow and delicious this tranformation.

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