Monday, 13 October 2008

The weekend is behind us. The world is on the brink of bankcruptcy and a New World Order is in perilously close to becoming a reality. The leaders of the Western world are talking on our behalf regarding how much we should give to bankers to make them play with each other again. In Iraq and Afghanistan our young men are fighting for something that becomes more ethereal by the minute. Two grossly unsuitable men are competing for the post of president of america. And Mistress said my makeup on Saturday night was very very nice. The best i have acheived.

I was drunk so i don't remember much of what i did that night. I do remember finishing the night off naked on my webcam, although i don't know how many people were watching me at that point. I may well change my username so that the term "caged" does not appear.

It's been so long since i was actually in chastity now. Although I have had these lapses before, weeks of freedom, the ability to touch myself, the guilty pleasure of masturbation, I have in the past known that at some stage i would capitulate to Her demands and lock myself up. But now that doesn't seem such an unavoidable truth. Now, with me being off the pill and not feeling as weepy and vulnerable, perhaps thinking more clearly, I understand that Mistress doesn't want me completely feminized. Just sissified.

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