Thursday, 30 October 2008

Put in my Place

Mistress was pleased with the cage. She had promised that we could make love last night so i was expecting to be allowed out before sleep time.

Late evening i spent in front of the webcam, smoking thai stick and drinking chardonnay. When Mistress came to bed She instructed me to put some porn on for us to watch. I was allowed to pat her mound gently whilst She tugged at my lock. I was engorged to an uncomfortable extent and eventually asked Her if i may go down on Her with my mouth. I was still in basque and stockings , and soon curled foetally with my head between Her long sexy legs kissing and flicking and poking with my tongue while She continued to watch the movies, whimpering from time to time. She came a couple of times althought the first one seemed more intense. I returned to Her side and enquired about being let out, reminding Her of Her promise to let me fuck Her. She replied that i had just tongue fucked Her which counts as a fuck.

Her logic is impeccable.

She asked if i would like to be let out to cum on my belly? Of course, this sissy could have wallowed in his own petulance, but instead i meekly agreed to my sissy milking.

Love you Mistress J for making me smell so nice this morning and making me want You.

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