Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sissy Facts

A sissy obeys his Mistress without question. A sissy treats all Women with respect. A sissy looks up to mature men. A sissy must always wear panties. A sissy never swears. A sissy always says please and thank you. A sissy will never subjugate anyone. A sissy always smells feminine. A sissy carries a purse. A sissy keeps himself smooth all over. A sissy never initiates sex. A sissy always sits to pee. A sissy never puts himself first. A sissy is no longer the man in his Wife's life. A sissy never strides. A sissy keeps his elbows in. A sissy keeps his eyes down. A sissy wants to change his shape. A sissy wears makeup whenever possible. A sissy never raises his voice. A sissy speaks only when spoken to. A sissy loves cooking. A sissy's work is never done. A sissy's sexual organ is his tongue. A sissy likes other sissies. A sissy is sympathetic. A sissy has pocket money if he is good. A sissy paints his toenails. A sissy paints his Mistress' toenails. A sissy always holds the door open. A sissy craves leadership. A sissy must ask before touching himself. A sissy adores and admires strong minded women.

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Karen Singer said...

Very well said!