Monday, 20 October 2008

I Don't Like Mondays

I can see where Bob Geldof was coming from. It's dark still. The office is cold. The coffee is bitter. I smell lovely though. I wanted to stay in bed this morning. It was so cosy, even after Mistress had got up, and i could stretch and roll around under the duvet wishing that the 5 minutes before i stepped into the cold would last for ever.

I went the whole weekend without touching Mistress intimately. How did that happen? The weekend went well. Quiet and relaxing for both of us i think.

Mistress told me that She had tried contacting jean but there had been no reply. I was surprised when She said She had actually tried to get in touch with him as She hadn't mentioned any particular plans that involved him and me. Maybe She will be going out with him without me. Not likely but who can tell?.

Mistress said She's going to get a few pairs of tights so that i can wear them for work through the winter. Yesterday She told me again how pretty i looked on Saturday night. I almost wanted to put my face on again last night but it would be just too risky with work this morning. I don't want to turn up to the office with panda eyes.

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