Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Mistress bought me a bottle of Gloria Vanderbilt perfume yesterday. It's been a couple of weeks since i ran out and i nearly forgot just how yummy it smells.

I was so pleased i put some makeup on after i had done my chores and went on webcam on yahoo. I don't usually put on makeup during the week just in case i go to work the next morning with mascara still on.

I remember taking my panties off for someone. I also remember what a reality check it is when one is chatting in a room on yahoo that is not transvestite or CD friendly. I felt like a freak. I was called names and laughed at. I don't blame the antagonists at all because when one is surrounded by people who at least sympathise with one's abnormal behaviour it becomes difficult to perceive of any ill feelings outside of that little bubble. It was a wakeup call. It put me in my place.

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