Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Wife for a Day

Mistress was suffering from back spasms yesterday so She phoned me up and told me She wasn't going into work. I finished early so that i could help out. I was was probably more in the way than being of any use to Her, however. I cooked the dinner and then did a couple of hours of ironing.
It was a really nice day, even though Mistress was in pain, She said She had enjoyed being waited upon. Not just by me, but by the kids also who helped with washing up and general tidying etc.

We stayed together watching the telly until late in the evening and then when all the kids had gone to bed i went on cam for half an hour. I had to go and wake Mistress up at about 11.30. She was snoozing on the sofa. Whilst She turned of all the lights i put some nice Shemale porn on the computer and settled down in bed to watch it with Her. I was wearing my nighty and i had kept on the holdups from my cam session.

We watched a movie where a Shemale was was being used by two men. Three cocks on display. I lay there whilst Mistress brought me to climax. I wonder what She was thinking as i came on my belly - watching nothing but cocks and anal sex, and generally gay sex - albeit with lingerie.

This morning i am first in work again. Its now dark when i travel into work, and cold and wet.

The news from the finacial world is that the US have failed to agree to bail out the bankers over the toxic loans scandal. I am very pleased about this. I would like to see the banks get themselves out of their mess. I would like to see them helping each other to survive. Instead, even during this most testing of times, they are still hovering over each other like vultures. waiting for the first sign of weakness and then pouncing and buying each other up cheap. They are still not learning. And it's because of that that they really do deserve to go belly up.

My biggest fear is that there will be hawkish noises over the next couple of years towards securing oil wealth. the arab emirates may be looking over their shoulders as we speak. The last huge seismic downfall in the stock market came in the early 1930's and the only way that the world got itself out of it was to engage in World War 2. The factories once again srpung up and there was nearly full employment either in the army, or in munitions factories. Given that we in the west have survived the past 20 years by being nothing more than glorified money launderers we have no manufacturing base to rely upon to generate the next recovery. The best way to involve everyone in getting out of the mess is to engage us all in a huge war effort. That's my biggest fear.

I would like the 700 billion to be kept as a reserve fund to help the people at the bottom of the pile when things go wrong. Some sort of social help to those that need it. Rather than social help to bankers to whom the very idea of government intervention was, until last week, unthinkable.

It's such a massive shift of principals it makes me wonder what the cold war was all about. And the McCarthy witch hunts. When the dollar begins to fall spectularly over the next few days, we will be in the weirdest position of having the USA as a debt ridden third world country with lots of bombs. That's very dangerous. On the news in the UK yesterday there was an article about houses being repossessed in Detroit and then going on the market for less than £1000. That is truly shocking and makes me think that the USA is in far more serious trouble than they willing to admit to. If i was Obama or McCain i would say thanks but no thanks. SOmeone else can have this job for the next few years. It truly is a poisoned chalice and the only political winners will be those that come along one or two terms down the line.

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