Friday, 26 September 2008

The Weekend Starts Here

Friday morning. I am the first in work again. A nice couple of hours relaxation before the idiots turn up. Daughter has a sleepover arranged for tonight so Mistress told me to cover up my legs and not to walk around in my bare feet during this evening.

Last night we managed to get to bed earlyish - 11pm - and made love.

Friday, early evening. I walked mimi. She was very slow. And i had to pick her poo up in front of loads of traffic. Showered but have to dress in male stuff because of the sleepover. Hopefully later tonight i will get the chance to secrete myself away. I wonder if Mistress will let me put some makeup on for the webcam tonight. It might be a bit too risky as the girls are likely to be awake until the early hours, chattering and giggling etc.

It's weird. I have this feeling that i forgot to do something. Not sure what though. Haven't got to prepare dinner until after i pick Mistress up, because the girls are having a pj party meal - pizza and chicken wings and fizzy pop etc. Boys will be cooking their own (hopefully). Mistress and i have a nice steak with chips but it will be about 8.30 when we get to eat it. 5.30 now and tummy's rumbling. Have to watch my figure though. Maybe another cuppa.

Was only able to have a shower instead of a bath because of daughter's friends coming round so i couldn't shave my legs and one day's stubble is really gross. And i have socks on. Horrid.
Anyway i am going to see if i can find anymore of these lovely pictures out there in cyberspace. Hope you, dear reader, and You Mistress will forgive me if i touch myself.

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