Sunday, 21 September 2008

Another Day of Service

I am at home tomorrow again. Mistress is being very generous with all this time off. If i really wanted to i could be in makeup now and a wig and i could be really girlified and wake up in the morning, late, and still have mascara on, but because i am tired i am just in my nighty. On cam again because i know Mistress wants to curl up in front of the fire and have some alone time.

She said to me today that She wanted me to Tongue Fuck Her tonight. That was her term. Not lick her. Fuck Her. But not with my cockette. With my tongue.

She looks very womanly tonight. Sexy. A tight red sweater and a long skirt. Almost ankle length. She looked very hot when we walked the dog. Nice red high heels. I had to walk especially slow for Her.

I hope She isn't too long, in Her slumbers in front of the fire because i am getting bored. I should be really happy about having tomorrow off. She hasn't even mentioned what chores i am supposed to be doing in the morning. maybe i will get off lightly and not have to do any maid work. But if i don't i will just sit here, out of Her way whilst She does it all and makes me feel guilty. I wonder if i will feel like putting on makeup in the morning. Earlier today i was convinced i would be made up tonight, and yet i am not. The feeling just drifted away.

Anyway as a reminder to myself, this was not a nice day. Not anyhting that was said. Just in my soul. Mistress will know. She'll know that i have been sad today. She'll also know that i don't know why. Hope the cloud lifts in the morning.

I think they will.

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