Thursday, 4 September 2008

10 Day Chastity Challenge

This morning i am contemplating the prospect of ten days in chastity. I wonder if Mistress means me to wear the cb3000 to work also. This would be an advance in my training for sure.

Last night i spent caged. Mistress had me accompany Her to bed early. And told me we were going to sleep. No playing. We hugged and kissed and i pressed my cage into Her thigh, feeling myself grow and recognizing the tantalizing realization that i was not going to acheive release this time. Mistress told me She wanted me to take a pill. I duly did.

Somehow i found myself touching Her down there through Her panties. She told me to slap Her pussy through the panties. They were very snug fitting and the little three fingered slaps were certainly giving Her a certain amount of enjoyment. She found it amusing that i was tugging at the lock of my cage. Trying to get myself off. She sucked on my nipples then, which was even more infuriating and tortuous. They are so sensitive and i so wanted to orgasm.

Earlier last night i was on yahoo cam and i asked Mistress to demonstrate a caning for my viewers. That was nice.

My 10 day chastity starts this evening after i have bathed. God i wonder how frustrated and compliant i will be this time next week. Yummy.

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Anonymous said...

i love cb3000 too.