Sunday, 7 September 2008


Mistress. You are so knowing
You knew Rose before I did
You let me fail sometimes
And encourage me to succeed
You are superior to me in every way
You are my inspiration
Since we were almost children
You have been there.
You work so hard
You put everyone else before Yourself
You tolerate my weaknesses
I wallow in your strength
I will never be as strong as you
You are my life
Everything that matters to me comes from You
I imagine us old, and happy
Like i imagined us old and happy on the night we met
Seventeen and i met my Goddess
Seventeen and i was Yours
Please make me of me what you will
I so want to be Yours forever
Rose would not be here without You
I am such a weak sissy and you are Woman
My crutch. All i can give is Yours.
Your normality. My extravagance.
Your reality. My indulgences.
You worry and i worry for You
We have been through so much,
and still we giggle like kids
And embarrass our kids
I watch you age with such grace and beauty
I thank God for You.
I thank Your Mother for you.
I wish, with all my heart
That you love Rose
Even when she cries, or
Is sullen and temperamental
Sometimes it's scary
Feeling different
Wondering if there's a point
Where there's no turning back
And yet, You hold the reigns
Always guiding me. Thank Yyou.
i know i am not much of a man
And that i never was. But
Hopefully, as always, Love wins
I cherish our kisses
Sometimes i hate You but
i hate myself more
Two sides of the same coin
Because You are everything i feel
Mistress. my Wife. my Friend.
Thank You for just letting me be.

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