Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Put in my Place

I forgot to take my pill last night. Mistress forgot to give it me or i forgot to ask for it. One of the two. I should remind Mistress shortly.

On yahoo chat last night i wa sspeaking to a lady with whom i have chatted before. She doesn't speak much, but what She says holds a certain significance because before i had the opportunity to speak to her, a couple of years ago, i would speak to her husband. He is also a sissy. They have no children so she dresses him far more frequently than i could ever be allowed to. Anyway, i just happened to mention that Mistress was a little under the weather and this lady said that she hoped that i was pampering Mistress. I told her that i could do more to keep Mistress content. All the lady said was "of course you can" and i was dumbfounded. It was like an epiphany.

How can i so repeatedly forget my rightful place in the natural order. Somewhere near the bottom. How can i presume so readily that i have arrived. I thanked the lady for her kind and potent words. Hopefully i can act upon them.

I know the easy answer. The control mechansim. The cb3000. The sissymaker. Sissies should be in constant chastity to enable their emasculation. It's not rocket science. Once the sexual gratification of crossdressing can be released only under control, the pleasure of being feminine needs to be expressed in other ways. The sissy will become introspective. Less prone to bullish outbursts.

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Anonymous said...

i love cb3000 too.