Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Naughty Bits

This morning i emailed Mistress from work to tell Her how much i had enjoyed getting some makeup on again last night. She said She had got me some new cleanser and eye makeup remover so i could wear it every night.

I asked Her if She would be so kind as to put my naughty bits in Her mouth tonight.

I finished work quite early and was able to take Mistress to work. On the way She played with my cockette, and giggled when it started to grow, telling me to put it back in my pants. She told me if i wanted my naughty bits in Her mouth tonight i was to make sure they were shaved supersmooth.Yummy. She never mentioned the cage.

Now She is at work and i have to be horny for hours, so best thing is to get bathed, shaved and in chastity.

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