Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Last night i wore some makeup. Even though i had yesterday off, Mistress gave me a nice lie in and then i bathed and shaved, i didn't wear makeup during the day. Mistress had to go to work just after lunch and when i got back from taking Her, No2 son was at home, sent home from college early. So that restricted Rose from being too apparent.

Last night I spent in makeup. I can't remember much. I think i might have been a bit drunk. This morning i double checked my eyes for mascara before i left for work. I wore pink panties to go with my pink shirt.

The work day was quite boring. There was one interesting conversation took place about an employee in the London office who has gone through SRS. At the time i saw her she made a visit to the Birmingham office and was male, except during one brief moment when she leant forward on the desk, my boss saw her lacy thong. That was it for him. He told everyone.

Today he was recounting that story to a few of us when it became apparent just how much bad feeling she must have come against. The guys were falling over themselves laughing at her predicament. She hit the most resentment from female staff when she asked if she could start to use the ladies' loo. Thankfully the company policy was more understanding and inclusive than some of the employees and she is now fully transitioned. Bless her.

But the thing that stuck with me most is what one of the guys said to Mr A. They were saying how they'd baulk at even acknowledging someone like that. At how ridiculous it all is - blokes in dresses. This idiot said to Mr A , you'd soon pummel them into the ground wouldn't you Mr A?

Now i think this was racial, or religious because of Mr A being pakistani origin and muslim. I was aghast. Mr A asked the guy, Neil, why he thought he would do something like that. Neil, said because they are deviants.

I should have said something then because it was such a slur on Mr A's character. He is the only person at work who knows about Rose and i would never have told him about my feminization had i thought he had an ounce of prejudice in him. I should have told the idiot Neil how obnoxious he is. Everyone knows it anyway. I'll apologize to Mr A tomorrow for not speaking up after such a disgraceful character assassination.

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