Tuesday, 9 September 2008

My Sissy Verse

Mistress said She had read my ode to Her.

She wondered why i hated Her sometimes. I told Her i just do. Because She is there. There for me in my darkest moments. When i need to feel hate. Self loathing followed by trying to blame someone else. Her. And She was also interested in what i had said about Her mother. She said i was right in thinking She was angry with her for her outburst at the party. She told me She had spoken to Her mother today on the phone and Her mother had not mentioned Friday night.

I am not surprised. It was my fault for almost being Rose when she came round. I just thought she might be sympathetic. Instead i think i scared her. Mistress doesn't seem to understand this i don't think. She believes Her mother should at least have spoken to Her first before telling everyone at the party about my toenails a girlish clothes etc. I sympathise with Her mother. Really. She may be so curious. I also am intrigued by sister in law's little snippet. When she said she wished she had been there when our daughter was painting my toes. I wish she had been there too. As long as she didn't bring Mistress' brother with her.

I am supposed to be in chastity at this moment. I promised Her i would be locked up before i picked Her up from work.

I guess i should go and do it.

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