Monday, 29 September 2008


It's Monday morning and the weekend has flown by.

Friday night i stayed up very late talking to a woman from London on yahoo chat. Just pleasantries really, but the time flew and it was nice chatting to her for so long. I couldn't wear makeup because of daughter's sleepover and the fear of scaring her friends to death if they saw me.

Saturday was spent mostly in jeans and t-shirt because of daughter having her friend round for a sleepover. Saturday evening i spent on webcam - made up with a wig. I didn't stay on too late because Mistress asked me to come to bed and we were both quite tired. I did a nice curry for dinner which went down well. I fried the chicken chunks in a little garlic and onion to seal them before throwing them into the sauce. It took a bit more time but they tasted superb.

I woke up on Sunday morning with my face still fully made up, although half of it had been left on the pillow. So before i left the confines of the bedroom i was feverishly cleansing my face. Then, with it half cleaned, i showered and tried to get the mascara off. I don't think it all came off and i spent the rest of the day with slightly dark eyelashes. I was cuddling my daughter last night and she asked me what i would like for xmas. I told her to just get me whatever she thinks is appropriate. She said a blonde permed wig would be appropriate. Mistress raised an eyebrow, because daughter was with her when she bought me the blonde wig a few weeks ago.

Not much to do at work today i believe. Still, i get in early a couple of hours before everyone else turns up. Usually it means i can get the bulk of my work done without any interruptions, but today it just means i can write my blog before i get some breakfast (two toast) and a ciggy.

Not sure if Mr A is in today. he's just finished a big job so he will be scratching around complaining at the lack of stuff to do. Things are supposed to be getting hectic in a couple of weeks with two or three big jobs kicking off. Hopefully i can stick around that long without phoning an agent and moving on to somewhere else. They have just given me £1.50 / hr rate increase so i think would like me to stick around. I certainly think they would have trouble fulfilling their short term commitments if i were to join a competitor. Obviously, being civil engineering, there has been a downturn in projects coming on stream but they are a huge company with projects worldwide so even the slump in this country will not stop the projects i am working on in Africa and the middle east. It's funny that when Mistress spoke to my agent recently to check on the rate increase, he told Her that my client had said i would be going to Dubaii for him to work with the team over there. I don't think that will happen. Nobody told me about it. I am happy at my desk. They also wanted me to go to Uganda in the next few weeks. They must be mad. I am too homely. I couldn't be away from the family for more than a week.

I'm hoping to take a week off sometime in October although i will need to get Mistress' permission. Five lie-ins in a row would be heaven. I could then spend all day dressed in something nice and relax and do some embroidery and help around the house.

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