Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Maid for a Day

Mistress has told me to take tomorrow off work so that i can be dressed and made up for Her all day and do stuff around the house. I had 4 pills over the weekend but none yesterday.

I finished early today because the dog is at the vets having her hips xrayed, we think she had dysplacia and it's causing her some pain. The vet says she has awoken from the anaesthetic and we can pick her up in an hour or so.

Not much to write about on the feminization side of things except that I didn't wear lingerie or makeup on yahoo webcam over the weekend because i was quite tired. Although yesterday when i got home from work i put some face powder on and left it on all evening. Nobody noticed though. And before i went to bed last night i put some lipstick on before we made love. Mistress was sucking my boobs and i was calling Her a lezzie bitch. She seemed to like being called that.

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