Monday, 8 September 2008


Jean phoned me a couple of times over the weekend. She left me messages asking how i was etc. I never got back to her. Something different with a drag queen. Something not quite feminine. Something very male.

I told Mistress that she'd phoned. I never even listened to all of her messages.

I cannot understand why she phones me instead of Mistress even though she has Mistress' number. It's as if she doesn't take me seriously.

I told Mr A about mother-in-laws outburst. He seemed genuinely concerned.

Sorry that this is so fragmented at the moment.

I never put my cb3000 on tonight. I don't feel like touching myself anyway. Mistress told me to put it on but i am either being a brat or just being realistic and wanting to be comfy. I won't do anything Mistress.

I was going to say something important but i forgot.

My team leader at work who is a real arsehole told me i looked nice today. Thats a bit weird.

I was flattered. The bastard. How dare he win me over so easy.

Even Mr A said i looked the bomb. I must have taken something and misheard.

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