Thursday, 18 September 2008

My Day Off

Yesterday was wonderful. I spent all day with Mistress and from very early morning i was fully made up and in heels and panties and lacy top and stockings. I was called Rose all day. Mistress didn't work me too hard. She gave me the first hour to be on cam. I then set the cam so that people could see me changing the bedclothes and making the bed. I dusted and polished the bedroom and also vaccumed it. Then Mistress let me take another break. Whilst i was on this break, smoking and drinking tea and chatting on yahoo, She came in and told me to make Her a light meal. I did. It was really nice working in the kitchen in all my feminine glory.
Later i had to clean the bathroom. This time Mistress took some photos of me cleaning the bath and the toilet. Then She left me to clean it properly. She inspected my work and said i had done a good job.

Sometime after lunch i had to remove the makeup ready for when the kids came home. I think i managed to get most of it off. I showered and took Mistress to work. When i got home i washed up and cleaned the kitchen and started to prepare the spaghetti bolognese.

Note to self. This recipe was well received. Less basil, same oregano, a little bit of thyme and rosemary. One green chili.

I served the kids their dinners at 6pm and washed up after them, and then at 7.30 i went and got Mistress from work. Then i served dinner for Mistress and myself.

We watched the football and MrA texted me and told me to take today off too because he wouldn't be in work today . Mistress said i could if Mr A payed me for a day. (What has happened to Rooney?) and then we watched Raymond LeBlanc's show then we went to bed. Must have been tired. Overslept this morning.

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