Monday, 26 January 2009

I'm Back

Hi reader. It's been a while, I know.

Christmas has been and gone and you may have been wondering where on earth I had gotten to.

Well, firstly the hard drive on the PC went which meant I was without net access for nearly a month, plus, more crucially, I tried to stop being a sissy. I grew my body hair back for three weeks and even started wearing boxer shorts to work.

For a while I was comfortable with this yet, as this post confirms, something clicked in my head recently resulting in my re-sissification.

As a condition of my reversion I have made it clear to Mistress Julie that i will be actively seeking other participants in my training. In particular, I have told her that I would like to serve a male dom , real time. She asks me to keep her informed on how my search is going.

As a consequence of my holiday from panties I have also rediscovered a somewhat dominant side in my own makeup which I intend to also pursue.

I have been spending a little time making sissy captions and fake images using corel paint. I've included two of them here. It's something i find amusing and absorbing and i hope to get better at it with time, especially the subliminal persuasions that can be hidden within the captions.

Finally an apology for not being around. It's nice to be back, reader. And if by chance you are a dominant male living within the West Midlands area, drop me a line. You never know.

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