Monday, 5 December 2011

Chastity Cage

I'm a lot less inclined, these days, to wear my cage. I imagine it's because we've slipped into a comfort zone whereby I am just sissy enough for her and not enough to be obvious.

Hence I wear panties 24/7. Sleep in a nighty. Shave my body smooth etc etc.

LAtely I haven't been able to visit certain websites. like imagefap. whenre I got quite hooked on all sorts of porn.

Especially, though, i enjoyed creating sissy captions. I'm hoping to be soon back to full sissy exposure, webcam and all.

My wife has given her approval to me finding a male companion, or a sissy one. Over the past couple of years I've made it clear that i am addicted to looking at cocks, and would love to service one. She takes it all in her stride. I don't think she is interested in another male, although I would like her to surprise me!

She is a good liar. So she might well be doing stuff I don't know about. I've never been able to read her completely.

I'm working from home today and I am wearing pink "boy style" panties. I'm thinking of masturbating but I always feel so embarassed when she comes in and i have my dicklet in my hand. I know it's bad to play with it all the time. Hence the chastity.

Maybe that's why I need male guidance. Someone who can command my respect and teach me how to be a better sissy. Someone with a nice cock that needs lots of attention from a grateful sissy.

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