Monday, 16 June 2008

3 months of the Pill

Mistress Wife has been giving me Her birth control pill every two days for the past three months. This is a huge development as I now have to anticipate a visit to the doctors at some point to discuss with him what my next step will be.
Essentially I am still in the closet because I do not dress to socialise or go out fully dressed for any reason. MW and I have 3 teenage children who all still live with us. They are used to seeing my shaved legs and underams, and although they are amused by my pink fluffy slippers with love hearts on them they see them as the norm.
I have been a nailbiter all of my life but recently - maybe due to hormonal changes - i have started to grow them. My daughter painted the two longest ones last week (for a joke. MW says i will get spanked if She catches me biting them.
MW says my boobs have grown slightly, especially the right one. The nipple seems puffier and is a little pointy. She has spoken about getting me a sports bra for work.

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