Thursday, 17 July 2008


Tuesday 1st July

Omigod he actually turned up! I was sent to the bedroom with the dog and told not to disturb them. I heard him come in. The dog barked.

Mistress came in to see me after half an hour. She said he was on his back with a dildo in his mouth in my best frillies and he has been told to think about how sissy he is.
Omigod she did it. She got a client.
For the next hour I strained to hear what was being said. I could here Mistress' stern voice, sometimes matter of fact, other times angry. I could here him saying yes Mistress. After the longest ever hour She once again came into the bedroom. I was to bring in drinks and show Her new sissy my cb3000 which I had been placed into that morning. I was not to speak.

The sissy was in the window which had the sun shining right into the room through it so I couldn't see his face clearly. He was in my pole dancing shoes. My blue dress. He said hi, I said hi. Mistress lifted them hem of my nightie to show the sissy how She controls me. He sounded impressed and excited and scared all at the same time.

I got them drinks and went back into the bedroom.

After half an hour during which the sissy seemed to get more and more excited I heard the goodbyes etc and he was gone. She came into the bedroom and showed me the £100.

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