Friday, 25 July 2008

Off the pill

Mistress has taken me off the pill for a while. She says there are other ways to feminize me initially. In a way i am glad because i do like having sexual intercourse with Her. One thing it means is that i cannot use the fact that i was taking Her pill as an excuse for wearing femme clothes etc. Now that the only things She is using to feminize me are Her own willpower and my desire to obey and please Her, i truly am a sissy male.

At work and out of my cage. Mistress is at lunch with Her friend. I wonder if i will be instructed to put the cb3000 on later today.

last night Mistress told me She would be asking our daughter to paint my toenails over the weekend sometime. Daughter is 13 and thinks the way i dress around the house is weird. not quite in a dress yet, but my shaved legs are always on show and i wear the sissiest of pink slippers with hearts on them.

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