Monday, 28 July 2008

Telling a Friend

The man i talk most to is Mr A. He's a work friend. We share time together when we smoke. Once an hour.
We have smoked weed together too. And he has taken me to a shisha bar with a lady collegue from work.
He is a nice gentle man. Of pakistani origin and a muslim. How would he see me if he knew what i was like, given that we can never tell a person's heart until they are confronted by their perceived bigotries?
Could i tell him i was a sissy? Possibly bi? Would that have been less cowardly than what i finally did say?

Today we were standing in the sun outside smoking the filtered cigarettes i had rolled for each of us. He has just come back from week working abroad and was delighting in telling me about it. Out of the blue i asked him if he knew my Wife was a professional dominatrix.

He coughed on some smoke, but not enough to appear impolite. I imagine he may have been shocked. I told him She dresses sissies. Spanks them etc. I said how She had taken to it. And was thinking of rented a flat. I told him about jean and Master S and the fetish scene we were slowly entering. I told him about next week's client. And the previous ones. But i never told him that i was Mistress' main sissy. That i had shaved legs and that my Wife and daughter are going to paint my toes on Tuesday. Or that i was wearing a girly bracelet under my shirt, and that i had half a days stubble on my legs. And strange feminine smell around me was actually me. I never told him those things. He seemed ok with it. I implored him not to dislike me or Mistress for this.

Does She ever tie you up? He asked as we went back to the office. Yes She does i told him.

I emailed Mistress to tell Her the news and She asked if he was still my friend and what did he say. I told Her i think things will be okay. I hope they are. He might be an angel and it helps to have a few of those on your side.

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