Sunday, 27 July 2008

The bracelet

It seems that each day i am being allowed to express further my softer side. Mistress likes me to wear Her silver bracelet at all times. One of our sons questioned me about it yesterday and Mistress and daughter shot him down by telling him that they were going to paint my toenails gold glitter on tuesday.

Jean left me a voicemail yesterday morning, saying could i ask Mistress to phone her ASAP. Mistress phoned her and jean asked if she could pick Mistress and me up for the BBB next month. Mistress said we would meet her there. Then jean said she had spoken to Master S. and he will be meeting us and escorting us which is very kind of him. jean also asked Mistress if She would be kind enough to take jean under Her wing. Mistress said She would have to think about it.

Wendy Ann left Mistress a message. She was terrified the first time she came to see Mistress and we thought that she would not want to come again. But wendy ann (gary) said in his text that he cannot wait to see us both again. yikes!

Mistress txtd him back and said She wasn't available until early September due the school holidays. I bet he will dying to be sissified by then.

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