Monday, 28 July 2008

My idiot male brain

I lost my temper with Mistress.
In bed.
I was horny.
I tried to fumble and poke at Her like some adolescent spotty individual given license to grope his girlfriend for the first time. She lay there motionless whilst i got more frustrated at Her clamped thighs and unwelcoming flesh. Finally i gave in and turned over.
Mistress tried to hug me and i swore at Her. I gave Her a diatribe of insults. She left the bedroom.
I stewed in bed. Convinced i was right. Sex was my right. I determined to wear boxers tomorrow.
Sometime during the night She returned to bed.
This morning She awoke me and for the brief hour that we were alone we exchanged pleasantries.
As usual She had put out a vest and white cotton panties. As usual i put them on.
Something made me put the bracelet on too.
At work for about half hour ( i arrive quite early so i can finish early) and the phone rang.
I had been distraught. I was drafting Mistress an email. Letting Her know i was so sorry. Acting brutishly when i should have known so much better. i should have felt inside that i was behaving horribly towards Her. I wanted to tell Her i loved Her and She didn't deserve such treatment, ever.
It was Mistress on the phone. I hadn't answered Her calls on my mobile. Was I still speaking to Her?
I think i might have swooned if i was not sitting. I told Her. Told Her and poured out my heart and She understood. Like She always does. Because Mistress knows best.

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