Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Withdrawal Symptoms ?

Mistress asked me last night, as we lay in bed after a wonderful lovemaking session, if i was having withdrawal symptoms from not having any of Her birth control pills for a number of days. i told Her i did not think i was and queried whether that was Her way of suggesting i start them again. She said it wasn't, and that She was just wondering if i had sneaked any without Her knowledge. i told Her i wouldn't do that but i would be glad to restart them if She desired. She said She knew i would be glad but She did not want the adverse effects that would result in my impotence. She said She enjoyed sex with me as long as i remained a sissy at all other times.

Today She phoned me and told me She had ordered some more vanderbilt perfume for me, which was very kind of Her.

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