Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Having spent all day yesterday in my chastity belt I was allowed out to shower during the early evening and then had to put it back on. I was very happy with this.

Last night in bed, however, Julie asked me if i wanted to be released. I was playing with her clit and we were watching lesbian porno. I of course said yes.

She ended up getting a good fucking. She said i should put the cage back on after i had finished but that must have been more in hope than anything. If she wanted me to sleep in the cage she should never have let me out.

I'm not in the cage now. It may well be weeks before i wear it again, and it's all because Julie wanted my cock.

We did it missionary. I was wearing a nighty and stockings and cockring. She was wearing a smile.

It may have been because of an email i sent her on Monday. The body of which i have included below.


Imagine my cock sliding into you from behind.

I will have already made you wet with a good tongue fucking. But eventually you will beg for cock up your cunt.
You'll get on your knees, legs spread, begging for cock. rubbing your clitty in anticipation of feeling the hard pole stretching your lips apart and then pumping you.

you'll start to fuck yourself against the cock. Your arse quivering as the flesh of my cock rubs your cuntlips , in and out.

You'll beg me to cum inside you. I will think of your dripping cum filled pussy whilst i sit at work now.

Love you. xxx

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